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Please note: To apply for specific job postings on Caring Careers listed below, follow the instructions included in the individual job posting and forward your resume as the Employer has requested.Upload your resume here for consideration in a general applicant pool for the sector.

About Caring Careers

Caring Careers is an initiative of SARC, the provincial association that provides services and supports to its Member Agencies, which are community-based organizations that assist people with disabilities to attain their identified goals, from every day activities to major life milestones such as gaining employment and living independently. 

Whether you are new to the field, referring a friend, or looking for job resources, this website will provide the latest information about working in the disability services sector and what jobs are available. 

The rewards of a career in the disability services sector are immeasurable. The opportunity for personal growth, development and self-discovery are natural outcomes of the job. Many people who work in this field say that they learn so much through supporting an individual and the relationship that develops – both about the individual and themselves. Click here to see what some employees in this sector have to say about their career!

SARC’s Member Agencies are located throughout the province of Saskatchewan.  For a complete listing of SARC Member Agencies and more information about the variety of services and programs they offer, please click here.

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