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Please note: To apply for specific job postings on Caring Careers listed below, follow the instructions included in the individual job posting and forward your resume as the Employer has requested.Upload your resume here for consideration in a general applicant pool for the sector.

Getting a Job: Advice and Tips


Job Search Tips


Starting a new career path can be exciting and challenging.  Here are some tips for getting a job in the disability services sector:                                                                                                                                              

  • Check out the Caring Careers job search for job openings at SARC Member Agencies across the province; 
  • Research and learn as much as you can about the organization; 
  • Watch the Realistic Job Preview video for a realistic view on what a career in the disability services sector may look like;
  • Send in your application even if there is no available job opening at that time—with many organizations you can start on the casual list first.


Resume and Cover Letter Tips

We all know that first impressions are important, and your cover letter and resume are the first impression you make to the organization.  Here are some tips for preparing a resume and cover letter:


  • Prepare a clear and concise resume of your qualifications and experience, and fill out an application form if the organization has one;
  • Attach a cover letter to your resume and application; use this opportunity to highlight your qualifications as they relate to the position and why you are interested in the job; 
  • Keep your application simple and concise with a cover letter being no more than one page, and keep your resume to two to three pages; 
  • The sooner you get your application in, the sooner it will be seen—your cover letter and resume are the first impression the organization will get from you;  
  • Proof read and double check spelling and grammar, and get someone else to proofread it too;
  • Make sure that your personal information and contact information is up-to-date, so you can be reached quickly if you are chosen for an interview.


Interview Tips

Great job interviews can lead to great jobs,  and the best way to ensure success is to be prepared. 

Here are steps you can take to have a great job interview:


  • Prepare questions in advance, as asking questions shows you are engaged in the interview; remember – the last question in an interview typically is, “Do you have any questions for me?”;
  • Be prepared to say in one sentence why you are interested in the job but then be prepared to explain in more detail;
  • Have positive body language—smile, shake hands, and make eye contact;
  • Ask the interviewer to explain what it will take to succeed at the job you are discussing;
  • Be honest; if you haven’t had a particular experience, just say so; 
  • Be rested and alert;
  • Dress neatly and appropriately:  the way you present yourself shows others that you care about yourself, and a professional appearance gives a good first impression;
  • If you think you’ll be late for the interview, or won’t be able to make it, call as soon as you learn about the change; remember, everybody’s time is valuable;
  • Bring along a reference list including names, titles, organizations, addresses, and telephone number of the references (ensure you have permission from your references first);
  • After the interview, send an email or letter thanking the employer for the opportunity to interview for the job. 

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