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The satisfaction of working with people with developmental disabilities is immeasurable.

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Please note: To apply for specific job postings on Caring Careers listed below, follow the instructions included in the individual job posting and forward your resume as the Employer has requested.Upload your resume here for consideration in a general applicant pool for the sector.

The realistic job preview video provides an informative and interactive view of what it's like to work with people with disabilities.  The video takes the viewer through a day in the life of someone who works in the disability services sector.  

By watching this video, you will understand what it's like to work in a field that provides opportunities for people with disabilities to be part of their communities through assisting them in their every day lives.  From helping people find employment or independent living, to sharing the most important milestones, there are so many parts of the job that make each day rewarding.

Watch and learn about the overviews of the jobrealities of the jobqualities of a successful employeecommunication and relationshipprofessional development and rewards of the job.

The video is available in two full parts on youtube - please feel free to watch it and share it with people who are interested in working in the sector.  The video is also available to watch in segments.



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