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Working in the Disability Services Sector



How do you know if a career in the disability services sector is right for you?  You may be a candidate to work in this sector if you:


  • Believe that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are entitled to the same respect and opportunities as everyone else;
  • Demonstrate cooperation, teamwork, positive energy, patience, compassion and optimism;
  • Like to interact with people and communicate in different ways;
  • Are willing to learn from others;
  • Enjoy supporting people in setting and reaching their goals;
  • Are reliable, open minded and flexible.


Who Is Suited For This Sector?

Most people working in this sector did not know they were right for the job.  In most cases, many had never considered working with individuals with intellectual disabilities, they just happened upon it.  People who provide direct support come from a variety of backgrounds.

You may be:

  • Looking to start your first career;
  • Seeking a meaningful career change;
  • Looking for one last job before retirement;
  • Returning to work after raising a family;
  • Going to school and needing a part-time job;
  • Moving to Saskatchewan from another province or country.


People who work in this sector often discover a level of personal satisfaction through developing relationships and connections that enrich the lives of both people.

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